Property Taxes gone up this year? Here's how you can protest!

January 27, 2019

If your taxes went up this year, you're not the only one! I feel your pain. I've compiled some tips on how you can protest yourself.

First off, read your assessment letter closely. Decide if an appeal is worth your time. .

1) Check the data
2) Get the “Comps”
3) Schedule an appeal (online, mail, person)
4) Present your case
5) Gather photos and copies of your tax records (available for free on an appraisal district's website)
**** If you have house problems like a hail-damaged roof or foundation cracks that need fixing, get estimates and show those to prove your home's value should be lower. If it turns out you're right and your property is assessed at too high a value, the process for appealing can stretch out for months but can save you in some cases hundreds or even thousands.

If you still have questions or doubt, please reach out and let me know if I can be of any further assistance. You have other options that may work for YOUR families best interest.

Laura Cano | REALTOR®
Free Comps

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